Monday, 1 April 2013


    Good morning beautiful people! To all who celebrated Easter yesterday, I wish them a happy belated Easter! Hoping you had a good one! I woke up this morning and found this beautiful chart on the blackboard!

A menu! My husband will never accept the fact that I am no chef!!!! I do not like to cook! It is that simple! I am NO good at cooking! The first time I turned on my stove, I stayed by it and watched the food cook, scared that I might burn down the house. TRUE STORY, people can vouch for me on this one! However, I will try to do my best and respect his food wishes! I will try to make lentil soup once more. Tried a few times, came out tasting like water so I kept adding vinegar to give it some flavor!!!!!! I just don't have it in me, I guess!!!!LOL!

    So, I have some updates on my DIYS. Here is a pic of my floating shelf, and I must say I am loving it!!!!!!

                                             Oh, and remember this monstrosity???? LOL!

                    I am now a proud owner of a gold spotted cow hide!!!!! and I love it!!!!!


       I was trying to work on it last week, on my hands and knees, in one of the corners in the dining room, when my husband pointed out: '' I do not understand why you are working on this on the floor. I would of placed it on the dining room table seeing that the paint would not seep through (thick canvas).'' Smart ass, I thought! But he had a point. I acted like I wasn't paying any attention to him! So, the next day when he went to work, I placed it on the dining room table. I then got inspired. Painted it black and added some gold leaf (thought I was never going to gold leaf again, I was wrong). And now, I am obsessed with it!!! How could someone not love a cow with gold spots!!!! This is a one of a kind cow, I tell you!lol! But truth be told, my spotted cow has sadly seeked refuge outside in the veranza. When I placed it it the living room on the weekend, the smell of the sealant was too strong to leave indoors. My husband just had to comment: '' If the smell does not go away, I will consider this project an epic failure!''  LOL!!!! I died laughing! We will try again today... If it still smells, well there goes 23.99$ (cost of the sealant) down the drain...

                                                          Thanks for reading, xoxo

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