Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Homesense part 2

    Good morning to all!!!!! Hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday evening! Mine was great, minus the Canadians losing again!!!!!! Oh well, at least we made the playoffs!

     Went to Winners yesterday to complete a gift, of course my eyes wondered around Homesense instead and I found myself drooling over tons of things. Is it me or is Homesense getting better and better!!!! I love Homesense, I search for items and envision how they would look in my home! Like these amazing rugs! They would look just dandy in my living room.

Do not know if I would go black and white or green and white to add that pop of colour! Well, for now, I am not doing neither lol!!!!

I have a total book obsession. Books look amazing anywhere in the house. I have books everywhere. My husband dislikes them. They are always in the way of things!!!! 
Bobby: "Why are these books here?" 
Cristal: "They look pretty"
Bobby: "The point of an end table is to put your drink on it, not a book"
Cristal:"Yes but it looks prettier this way!"
Bobby:" I don't care, why should I have to place my drink on the floor?''

I know he is right, people come over and I have no place to put their drinks! lol!!!!! Anyway, I still want more. But I will have to wait for Mother's day for one of these.

However, I did find a beauty of a book that was right in my price range

7, The Number for Happiness, Love, and Success by Jacqueline Leo

The rundown of the purchase, simple:

1. ouuuu, nice cover, matches my decor
2. ouuuu nice price 3.99
3. ouuuu nice title!
in to the shopping cart it goes!!!!!!

Here are some other lovely items that can go anywhere in the home!!!!

This is just amazing, but I just cannot imagine the fingerprints!!!!

So this is what is happening at Homesense for the moment! If you are ever in the look out for something, just let me know. I will gladly be of help!!!!

Thanks for reading lovelies, xoxo!!!!!!