Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Painting Atelier

      Good morning readers! Hope you all had a fantastic evening last night! I will one last time urge you to start watching New Girl. Guaranteed out loud laughing when watching an episode. A few weeks ago, we moved the dining room and living room around. During the process, we took down mirrors and paintings. A painting that we took down from the dining room, now living room, is a painting by Demetrios Papakostas, who happens to be my husband's uncle. He is an amazing painter and I am so happy to have a painting of his in my house! Now, his painting needed to go up in the bedroom, so my husband brought it to the bedroom and rested it against the wall. Weeks later, the painting  found refuge against the wall. I would ask him every other day to put it up BUT he procrastinated. What happens when he procrastinates? I do things myself. He may urge me not to but I do not listen. The result of his procrastination and me trying to be handy result in more problems. So, last week, I picked up the large and very heavy piece, climbed up on the bed and begun. I needed to rest the painting down for a few minutes to hammer in the nail. I carefully placed the painting down ever so carefully and begun hammering. Well, maybe there was a gust of wind the room, but somehow the painting fell. I heard something break but did not react. I continued hammering. I picked up the painting and noticed a chip on the frame! What am I to do? The Macgyver in me found the broken piece, grabbed some clear nail polish and glued the piece back on. From far, it looked great! FROM FAR! Husband came home and noticed the chip as soon as he walked in the bedroom. He asked me if I dropped the painting. I answered, " I don't know what happened '', then I laughed!  I hope he learns his lesson!!!!!LOL!

     Anyway, I am in need of a painting atelier. The kitchen is just not doing it for me!!! I just cannot work under these conditions, lol!!!

 Once upon a time, we had an office which has now become a storage room. But my plan is to convert it into a painting atelier. First, I will definitely paint a wall black. Then I will remove this door from the basement

purchase these legs

 and make it my painting desk! Then, I will paint away to my hearts content!

                                                       Thanks for reading, xoxo!

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  1. It wasn't weeks it was more like a week maybe a week and a half aaannndddd you aren't made for hammers so just put them down and stop making holes on my walls dang it!!!!