Friday, 29 March 2013

Energetic morning!

            TGIF to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many of you are off today, sadly, some of you are not, my apologies to those working!!!!!! What a productive morning I am having so far! Ever since our little one blessed us with his presence, me and my husband found a new sense of appreciation for early mornings! Baby goes to bad early and wakes up early. I was never a morning person but now, I have no choice but to embrace the sun coming up! And, I would not change it for the world!

            Let me tell you what my husband and I got done so far, currently it is 8:55 a.m. It all began at 7 a.m.

                                 1:  mommy: Fed baby
                                 2:  daddy:  changed baby
                                 3: daddy: bathed baby because he peed all over himself during diaper change
                                 4: mommy: prepared cappuccinos
                                 5: daddy: placed baby in go pod, where he can play safely
                                 6: daddy: ate a doughnut, mommy put toast in the toaster
                                 7: daddy and mommy put up mirror in the living room
                                                              CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

          That person, you see taking the picture, sporting the hello kitty pyjamas, that's me! That's how I roll every morning!!!lol!!!!
                                 8: cappuccinos got cold and toast got dry 
                                 9: daddy and mommy danced with the baby in the kitchen to ''I Will Wait'' by Mumford & Sons (my new favourite song), about 5 times!
                                 10: daddy put baby to sleep , mommy wrote her post!

            All this done in 2 hours!!!!! Do you know what I would of gotten done had I not had the little one around? Nothing, I'd be sleeping!!!!!!!!!! lol!

                                                        thanks for reading, xoxo

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