Wednesday, 17 April 2013

DIY!!!!! TRY IT OUT!!!!!

     Good morning readers!!!!!! From the inside, it seems to be a gorgeous day!!!!! Can't wait to bring out the spring attire!!!! And to top it off, I found out yesterday that I will be meeting my twin nieces, for the very first time, in under two weeks. Second set of twins in my family, we are blessed to say the very least!!!!!

     On Monday, I ventured off to the 1$ Store to purchase some much needed unnecessary items! My heart skips a beat as I enter, as always. DIYS are bouncing around in my brain, as usual. The DIY possibilities are endless but my pocket is on on a budget! I must purchase ONLY the necessary useless material! LOL! I proceed and search for ONLY the items on my list. And yes, I have a list because I tend to be somewhat forgetful. I find the items and find many other useless but much needed items as well. I head to the cash and the cashier comments: "ohhh lala!!!! What are you going to do with all this???" I get that quite often there! Honestly, I do!  Anyways, on the bright side, I made a gorgeous mirrored box! The pictures just do not do it justice, it is much nicer in reality!!!

The possibilites are endless. Jewelery box, vase, stand, hide the remotes, tisue box, etc. This project is cheap and easy! Trust me!!!!
Material: (5 mirrors)
Pour some paint over the mirrors (I used a spatula to spread the paint around)

Pour water over every mirror until you get the desired look

           allow to dry before handling (something I did not do because I have no patience)

You can stop here, add some felt under the mirror and use as a coaster, or you can glue the mirrors together using your glue gun.
trim any visible glue around edges
use a permanent marker to go over edges (if needed)
That is all!!!!!! And this is what you get!!!!!!!
I plan to make a few and line them up on a shelf! Can't wait!!!!
Happy crafting!
Thanks for reading, xoxo!
And check out another great purchase from the 1$ store! I am loving my zipper bracelets!!!!

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