Monday, 8 April 2013

HOMESENSE, I luv u!!!!!

     Happy Monday to all! Somewhat gloomy out there but it is all good!!!!! Funny story, Saturday morning I realised that we ran out of coffee. So, what is a caffeine deprived gal suppose to do when situations like these arise? The only logical thing! Rummage through the pantry for a caffeine fix! Well, low and behold, I find this:

Greek type coffee from Brazil
Yes, you read right! Greek type coffee from Brazil!!!! Whatever that means. So I begin by frothing my milk. I then prepare the 'espresso replacement'. To my surprise it is looking great! I watch as the coffee pours out of the machine, I then pour the milk over it, followed by the foam. I sprinkle some cinnamon and call the guinea pig, a.k.a. Bobby. Husband comes by to try the coffee, I do not tell him what he is about to try. He takes a sip, and I wait patiently for his reaction. And, with that, I pick up my coffee and pour it down the sink! Lesson learnt? When in need of a Greek coffee, use Greek coffee. When in need of an espresso, use espresso!!!!! My husband then explained what it tasted like with words I cannot retype!!!!
And, with that said, let us get back to my post! Now, I am sure by now, you have all been to Homesense. I practically furnished my home from Homesense, couch, benches, poufs and all! I just love it. I get a rush walking it. It was one of my first stops after baby was born and was stuck home. Church, grandparents, Homesense!!!! Well, I went this Friday after a Kijiji exchange. I made a few $$$ so why not!!!! Well readers, I fell in love with tons of pieces and I mean tons!!!!!!! You will not find a painting this big, covered in epoxy for less than 160$. Check it out:
 Well actually, my paintings are slightly less expensive and just as nice!!!!! lol!!!!!
    Check out this headboard!!!! Would look amazing in the bedroom. I would use it in the kitchen, against the wall and make a booth out of it. Wish I would of thought of when looking for kitchen table and chairs...
      And what about the doggie bed???? This would look amazing in any home. I would put it in  a baby girl's room! Perfect for a little princess!!!!

                                                     Seriously, how awesome is this???

       My favorite was this piece!!!! Perfect side table! It has everything I want. If you have 79.99$ to spare, you can buy it for me!!!!lol!!!! I will gladly accept it and treat you to a Greek type coffee!!!!lol!
Another lovely piece, an orange desk! Orange should be an every home. As Jonathan Adler would say, "Thou shalt not be afraid of orange". I just love it!!!!!
And last but not least, an oversized blackboard! How lovely!!!
perfect in any kitchen! Everyone should have one of these! Very useful. Check it out:
How else can you write sweet messages to your husband???
Thanks for reading, xoxo!

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