Thursday, 11 April 2013

Goodbye Coccinella!

       Good morning readers, the sun is shining!!!! Bitter sweet day for me! Sadly, I said goodbye to my beloved  red Mazda 3 (hence, the red text colour).  Coccinella, is what I named her, after the famous bug, the ladybug!!!! You see, Coccinella never gave me any problems, hardly any trips to the garage in fact. She shined like a ruby, we had good times her and I. I watched her all day, yesterday, parked in my driveway. I knew it was her last time seeking refuge on my driveway... At the dealership, I was huffing and puffing as I signed papers last night, and giving dirty looks to my husband!!!! Why the dirty looks you ask???? Let us rewind about a year or so....

    You see, my husband drives a two door, sports car. She is a beauty BUT not kid friendly. So, for the past year he has been looking to trade it in... Now, that was the plan. I would get the new car, and he would get the Mazda. The Libra in him could not decide what car to purchase. So, he would ask me: " Cristal, what car do you wish to have? ". My answer, the same as always:"A truck". His reply: "No, we are getting a Jetta!" Why bother asking!!!!!lol!!!! To make a long story short, he came home last Friday and announced that he found the perfect car for me. We went to see it. I loved it!!!! And all I can remember is shaking hands with the dealer and trading in MY Coccinella!!!!!! Not the two door sports car, MY beloved Coccinella!!!!!!

    I did get my truck, by the way!!!! The stroller fits perfectly in the trunk. And, a passenger can actually sit in the front seat. Unlike before, passengers had to sit in the back. The car seat in the back, left no room in the front for an adult to sit!!!!lol!!! And, the best part, I can work on some huge paintings!!!! Large canvas' did not fit in the Mazda...

                                       thanks for reading, Xoxo

P.S. Check out my walmart purchases!!! 3$$$$$$ I love steals!!!!!!!


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  1. Booohhoooo I got a beautiful truck and i'm still stuck on the lady bug. It's a bug for a reason and now your son will be safer. Plus this way your husband gets his Jetta or whatever he wants (not the girlie mazda) and you get what you wanted the truck!!!