Monday, 15 April 2013

Light it up!!!!!!!!

    Good morning to all!!!!!!!! 2 fundraisers+1 wedding= 1 tired mommy!!!!! And, I am pretty sure a tornado came to visit at some point this weekend, because my home is literally upside down!!!! Needless to say that nothing got down around here apart from some office, now storage room decluttering. You still cannot walk in without tripping over some random pointless item carefully placed on the floor, but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thank goodness!!!!

     Were you ever a candle fanatic? I think I speak for all women when I say that at some point in our lives we were obsessed with scented tealights and tealight holders, large pillars, floating candles, etc. And how could we not of been? They add instant ambiance to any room. Right? I am certain that some of us even hosted Partylite candle parties. Right??? I have been to a few myself. In all honesty, I never really wanted to attend. Why??? A few dozen tealights later, 100$ down the drain!!!!!! And, to top it off, I must explain the purchase to my husband! I have no excuse for the purchase!!!!! Really!!! What to tell him??? They leave your house smelling nice???? Big deal!!!!! Well, for those of you who are candle fanatics, I have a little tip. It is an oldie, but a goodie. I believe in splurging in large candles, pillars, and jar candles. But this is what I do!And, you should try it! Light up your pillar for a few hours and remove the melted wax. Once you remove the melted wax, you will see that you can fit in a tealight. So the next time you want to light up your candle, pop in a tealight instead. You will never need to spend money on a large candle ever again. You just replenish with tealights. Now, if you have children and do not wish to light up any candles,well then just visit and purchase a dozen led flameless tealights. I am drooling over all their products!!!!!You will never have to worry about candles ever again!!!!!!

                                          Happy Monday everyone, thanks for reading, xoxo!!!

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