Tuesday, 2 April 2013


      Good morning to all! The sun is shining and I am smiling! I would like to blow of some steam, early morning, if you do not mind. Anyone post adds on Kijiji? As much as I love the concept, I am growing tired of people offering unreasonable $$$ for items. If I am offering a pair of Gucci sunglasses, in amazing condition for 40$, do not offer me 10$ for them. It is insulting!!!! I have been receiving unreasonable offers from day one!!!! I am thinking of just gravitating on over to eBay where I have seen items like mine go for wayyyyyyy more!!!!! Has anyone posted items on kijiji or eBay before? Let me know your thoughts, pls!

    Anyway, let me get back on track! This weekend was my sis-in-law's shower. She is expecting TWIN GIRLS. And, I could not be any happier!!!! So, being the DIY'er that I am, or try to be, I got this idea of making a mini wardrobe for the girlies. My father, who is quite the handyman, was asked to build the wardrobe. Unfortunately, I wrote the measurements wrong and feet got mistaken for inches, my bad! Got the notations all wrong, I was never a mathematician. I should be more careful. But in the end, it all worked out!!!!! And here are the results!!!!!!

                                                                  MINI wall unit intead!

        Great shower gift, I believe!!!!! I am biased! This is also a wonderful way to display a baptism outfit! So, I got baby on my mind and I decided to share some indispensable items that I have used with my little one! Here are some of my favorite must haves:

  1. PUJ TUB: this made bathing my little guy so much easier, no bending, no filling tub, no worrying about anything! I absolutely love this tub and so did GNS
                                                   available @ babies r us for about 50$

   2.   SLEEP SHEEP ON-THE-GO, by Cloud B.  Relax as the soothing sounds of ocean waves, spring showers, and harmonious whale songs create a tranquil environment ideal for helping children of all ages fall asleep and even adults!!!!! lol
   3. TOP 100 BABY PUREES, by Annabel Karmel : no worries if you are no chef, like me! You will be cooking up a storm with this book, you will also learn about nutrition in the process

   4.  THE BABY WHISPERER SOLVES ALL YOUR PROBLEMS, By Tracy Hogg: it solved all of mine. Have your baby doing his nights in no time if you read this book, and practise what it says of course, lol!

   5. An exercise ball: yes, literally, this ball is awesome. Not only does it strengthen your core and improve balance while bouncing, it puts baby fast asleep on those sometimes stubborn naps!
I wanted to get my husband involved on this one. His answer was this
indispensable, I tell you! And, he insisted I write this on my post!
those are just a few, thanks for reading, xoxo (can you tell I miss Gossip Girl?)


  1. Love your page Cristal. Hope you and your little family are doing well. Kisses from Daniela :)...Alex K.

  2. thank you so much!!!!! I miss her!!!!!!!

  3. Cristal your créativity never ceases to amaze me!!! Your gift for the babies to come is beautiful!!! Keep up the good work.
    Keep us posted on your new endeavors