Thursday, 30 May 2013


     Good afternoon to all!!!!! Did I not tell you the weather Gods would be with us today???? Yes I did!!!!! Woke up with a smile even though my little one was up from three to four thirty a.m. Do not know why!!! Anyhow, today's DIY has got to be the easiest of them all!!!!! And I succeeded, it is foul proof!!!! Really easy, inexpensive, and quick!!!!! Promise! I had some leftover vinyl sitting around collecting dust for over a year and it just came to me!

 Why not make place mats out of them! As you know, place mats can be expensive at times, but not these ones! I purchased 2 meters of vinyl (15$) to protect my glass table in the kitchen and had about half a meter left over. So here it is!!!!


 STEP 1: Choose a shape and trace on the back of the vinyl.
 STEP 2: Cut!
 STEP 3: (Optional) Add studs
                                                                                        AND YOU ARE DONE!!!!!

      Now you can do this with any type of material but note that in some you will have to add an anti slip pad like this...

    Now that is easy!!!! Please note that the fabrics I used had some type of sheen, therefore can be wiped clean easily!

                                                                             That is all for today!!! Happy crafting, xoxo!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

JOE FRESH part 2

     Morning to all!!!!! Gloomy day but to brighten it up, I think the weather Gods are going to please us with some sunshine soon!!!! I have been obsessing over mason jar DIYs lately so I decided to venture off to Walmart yesterday to purchase a case. Since my husband has been leaving me "carless", I had to walk there, which might I add is not the shortest of walks. So, I fed the baby, put him in the stroller and off I went. I strategized the route that I would take before leaving. You see, I have no sense of direction. I quite often get lost around the area I live in. Do not ask me for directions, I will act like I know what I am saying but in reality I am just pretending. My friend Roula can confirm this. A five minute trip to the hairdresser's ended up taking an hour!!!! Honestly! Anyways, back to my trip to Walmart, I was making it in great time when I decided to take a shortcut, thinking that the street that I would be turning on will lead me straight to it. Needless to say, I got lost and it brought me further away from my destination than ever! So the mason jars will have to wait but I came across a Maxi a.k.a. Joe Fresh, in my books!!! And boy did I find some lovely items. First off, I visited the baby section and found these great items @ 6$ each!

Great price! Next aisle, cosmetics. So here it is!!!

CREAM BLUSH in MELON: I never used a cream blush before, fear of not knowing how to apply and looking like a clown. But @ 8$, I said why not. Verdict? I love it. I applied it with my Mac brush 168 SE. Turns out, I prefer it over powdered blush. It feels great on the skin and stayed for hours!

HIGHLIGHTER in ICE: I am smitten over highlighters. I absolutely love them. And, finding one at under 10$ is difficult. Well, I found an awesome one at 8$. Verdict: must have! I applied it in the inner corners of my eyes, cheek and brow bones! Awesome!!!!

      I might not wear tons of makeup, but I got tons of it!!! Believe me! So, once again, I am impressed by Joe Fresh! Next purchase items on the list  will be a lip tint and loose powder!!!

      Before I go, I would like to share something with you. My husband made me a painting. Hope you like it!!!!

      Finally, my so called office but truly is a storage room is finally getting the black wall that I have always desired. I am also considering painting some trimmings around some windows and considering black stripes in the upstairs hall. Cannot wait until it is done!!!!

                                                                          Thanks for reading, xoxo!!!

Monday, 27 May 2013

DIY tipsy pots!

         Hello to all my faithful readers!!!! I dedicate today's post to the sun! It has finally joined us today!!! Thanks Mama Nature! I got a super easy DIY! I saw these on Marilyn Denis the other day and I just knew that I would be DIY'ing them soon after. They are called tipsy pots.


The possibilities are endless. You can really go nuts with them. You can bedazzle them, paint them, gold leaf them (I would never) ,make them in a larger variation, and soooo much more. Great for indoors, outdoors, centerpieces, etc. Super Easy. (Use a larger base pot if placed as table centerpiece). Make sure you purchase pots with holes under them because you will be passing a stick through them.  So here we go...

Materials needed: 

STEP 1: decorate your pots. I painted them black... Allow them to dry, or not... I got paint all over my hands, lol! Impatient me! I will never learn!!!! (if you do not wish to decorate, skip this step)

 STEP 2: plant stick firmly in dirt 

 STEP 3: I believe instructions are not needed!!!lol!!! Self explanatory!!!!
Just slide your pots and place them as you wish!!!
And there you have it!!!!!
Happy Monday to all!!! Thanks for reading, xoxo!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Happy Weekend Playlist!!!!!

 Morning to all!!!!! As promised, here is my dear friend Fay's music playlist:

Forever is ours-Emma Hewitt
Laugh till u cry-Faydee
Can't hold us-Macklemore
I want u- Dean Coleman
You & I-Project 46
Where I stand-Fabo
Mono in love- Edward Maya
Read all about it-Professor Green
Heartbreaker-Mia Martina

This is your weekend, surround yourself with everything pretty!!!! Enjoy!!!



Thursday, 23 May 2013


    Happy Thursday night!!!! The other day, I stored away my winter attire to make room for summer wear! As always, I made a pile for good will. As I was folding it away, I decided to revamp some shirts into some much needed spring scarves! This is by far the easiest DIY I have ever done. No sewing required. Just a pair of scissors and an old tee. I believe the pics will pretty much explain everything...

                                                               pull on each string and voila!!!! A minute later you have this...
                                                        And the lazier version...
                                                                          Cut right under the armpits and voila...

                                                                         Tune in tomorrow for Fay's music hitlist!!!!
                                                                                    Thanks for reading, xoxo!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gold indulgement

     Morning readers!!! My little one slept in today, 6:45, and I am filled with energy!!!! To satisfy my need for some gold, I indulged in some gold leafing yesterday! But, before doing so, I youtubed the how to's to make sure I get it right this time around. I watched an awesome tutorial filled with gold leafing ideas. They mentioned about a dozen times how easy and forgiving gold leafing is. Turns out, I was doing, for the most, part, everything right. My end results, however, did not resemble anything like the tutorial's results. Anyway, I took my time and begun working on a wine bottle and a few candles.

And in the end, readers, I got mad because gold leafing is NOT suppose to look like this. So to alleviate my anger, I went outside picked a few branches from this beauty of a pile

                                                                       (my part in helping clear out this mess)

and spray painted them gold. MUCH easier to spray paint!!!!! In the end, I got this happening in my kitchen...

      On another note, the tree in the backyard is gone and I got these beauties waiting for me! I was planing on gold leafing and silver leafing them but let's face it, I suck at it. So, I tested the spray paint out. Seems like I will be spray painting them instead! So much easier! I cannot wait to get started, maybe on the weekend...

The weird thing is that I swear I had counted 7 stumps but for some reason I am down to 6... Hmmmmm....

                    Of course this needs to get sanded down and will need several coats of spray paint, but I cannot wait to see the end result!!!!

On another gold front, here are some things that I have been working on...


                                                                                    Thanks for reading, xoxo

Monday, 20 May 2013

Let's Donate!

    Hello readers!!! So, it's confirmed! I am phone obsessed. I realised this while I was on Instagram stepping in the shower! You read right, I got in the shower with the phone in my hands!!!! And it is my belief  that most people are phone obsessed as well!!!! So I won't make myself feel like an idiot, I said to myself that I am not the first nor the last that will step into the shower while holding their phone.  This phone obsession is a phenomenon. My husband has told me that he has seen, on numerous occasions, people bumping into each other at work because they were phone obsessing. Gone are the days, when we used to grab a magazine before stepping into the bathroom. We now grab our cell phones. Times have changed!!!! Anyhow, all this to say that I am bringing embellishments to your phones!!!! I am certain that by now,  you have seen these around

Swarovski, Hermes, Coach. All gorgeous, but gorgeousness comes with a price tag! Hermes alone will set you back 230$, sweatlessly!!! Crazy, right!!!! Well, for the first time ever, I am selling tassels benefiting The Alesia Magnolias tribute fund! ALL proceeds will be donated! And it will only set you back a few dollars, 5$ to be exact! Here are a few examples on how they can be worn.

                                                                    on any zipper...

on any handbag...

on any shoe...

on any phone (iphone4 cases also available in black and white)

available in 2 colors Orange Blossom and Add-a-little Bling!
Message me on facebook or on my blog if interested!
Thanks for reading, xoxo!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


     Tonight, I retype a passage from The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne (page 93).

    At the end of the day, before you go to sleep, go back through the events of the day. Any events or moments that were not what you wanted, replay them in your mind the way you wanted them to go.

    I am in bed as I type, so let us recap an event from my day. A while back, I received my son's social insurance card, yes readers, I need him to start working very soon! His name was misspelled. "Geroge" instead of "George". Beautiful!!!! So I ventured off to "Service Du Canada" after calling them, and asking them what paperwork I needed to have on hand. After catching every red light, my 12 minute trip took about 24 minutes. I get there only for them to tell me that I am missing some documentation! Lovely!!!! Drove off, with a smile on my face, NOT! I must go through this once again! I also gave myself a headache, from all the thoughts that went through my mind.

   So, let us replay it the way I wished for things to happen... I receive his social insurance card with his name spelled correctly. This, readers ,will happen when I take a 12 minute trip to "Service Du Canada" with the proper documentation. And, on the drive back, I will find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! This is how I will envision my day!

    As much as I enjoy reading this book, which still lies on the hamper in my bathroom, I sometimes want to throw it out the window! Today was one of those days! lol! But, at the end of it, you put it behind you and thank god for everything he has given you! Watching my baby stand on his own two feet while clapping was priceless today!
   All this to say that sometimes when things don't go exactly as planned, we can sit back and put ourselves in a positive state of mind by fantasizing of the outcome that we would have really wanted. Maybe Rhonda is onto something. Maybe if we recap our day, we will realize that we could of done things differently. Or maybe not. Maybe we will realize that our day wasn't so bad after all.  All I know is that imagining that your day went perfectly is far more fun than dwelling on the crappy day you think you had. I'm off to dreamland!

                                                          Thanks for reading, goodnight xoxo!



Monday, 13 May 2013

The green thumb in us!!!!!

    Good morning fellow readers! I trust you all had great weekends! I surely did!!!! My husband finally sold his car so I will be car 'less' until he decides on what car to purchase. I might be car 'less' for a while! But that's OK!

     Allow me to share something with you, if I may! Me and my husband, we suck at gardening! We truly do, I won't sugarcoat it! My husband, of course, disagrees. Last year, we tried tackling on quite a few backyard projects, which all resulted negatively. The money we spent weekly at Rona, down the drain. I have been insisting we call a landscaper to help us out from the time we got the house, finally my husband agreed, this year! Landscaper came by last week, super funny guy, if I may add. He looked around. He paused. Loss for words!!! He graded our gardening skills 2 on 10!!!! Pretty sad!

    So, here are the main issues. We have three gigantic trees. Two apple trees, three stories high! Sidebar, has anyone ever seen apple trees that tall??? We cannot even reach for apples with a ladder, this is how tall these trees are. They are also quite mean! They drop their apples on our heads often!  We also have one very large unknown type tree! This particular tree needs to go. Way to close to our home. So one third is gone so far. Check out my yard. Don't be jealous, LOL!!!

   So this is my backyard status!!! Quite lovely! My yard went from bad to worse! lol! By the way, you are more than welcome to come by for some branch picking! Great for fireplaces!

    All this to tell you that I cannot wait until it is gone!!!! This is what I will be making very soon!!!!

 via pinterest

 West Elm

 Via Pinterest

   Super simple, super easy. You sand, paint (if you wish), and seal! If you are interested in these, let me know because I will surely have about a dozen once the tree is down! And let me add that these stumps go for about 200$ each at Maison Corbeil, West Elm, and Ebay!!!! I know, I' ve looked!!!! For more inspiration, check out my board on Pinterest! The possibilities are endless!!!

                                                     Thanks for stumping by, xoxo

Friday, 10 May 2013

Let's GOLDify our homes DIY!!!!!

   Happy Friday to all!!!!! I cannot believe that I almost forgot about Mother's Day this Sunday! Now the old me would never forget such a thing and have her list of wants ready ages ago, but the new me believes she has everything she needs! But for the heck of it, here is my wish list lol!!!!!

                                                                            A trip to NYC would be nice

                                                                                        A new kitchen!!!

                                                                                 a pair of flats would be nice!!!
    Of course, this is just a wishlist!!! Not really realistic!!!! Let's move on to an easy breezy DIY project. I call it GOLD ifying! You can Silverfy, Blackify, pickify, etc. Here is the outcome

                                                                              Here are the materials

All materials purchased from Rona, cups were 1$!!!
 Step 1. Start by taping the areas you do not wish to cover with paint

Step 2. GO OUTSIDE and spray paint away.
Step 3. Let them dry for about 2 hours or so, and peel off the tape!
    And there you have it folks!!!!! Next project on the list, gold leafing. I already regret it!!!!

What was I thinking????
Have a great weekend, xoxo!!!