Monday, 22 April 2013

The girl behind the blog

   Good morning lovely readers! I am glad that you all took the time to visit my blog today. Today's post is a special one. It is actually about the girl behind this blog. That would be me, of course!
   If you were to tell me a year ago, that I would be writing a blog, posting looks on lookbook,and displaying my creations online, I would be the first to tell you, YOU ARE NUTS, I WOULD NEVER! But something happened a few months ago. Something that would forever change my life. I became a mother. My life changed, hence, I changed. I instantly fell in love with a precious little angel. Never in a million years did I ever believe that I would be a Mother, in all honesty. Being a stay at home mom has and is an amazing and fulfilling experience for me, and I cherish every second of it.
  Being home also allowed me to focus on things that I had been pushing to the side for far too long, my passions.
   My passion, expressing my creativity in whatever manner I please. Painting, creating, designing, DIY'ing, I love it all. And sharing it with you,is the icing on the cake. It makes everything so much sweeter! People appreciating my creations, well that is the cherry on the very top! It fulfils me in an unexplainable way.
   Most people wake up every day and go to work not because they love their jobs but because they have to work. Few people are lucky enough to do what they actually love to do. It is my belief that this is very sad. As I mentioned earlier, I am a stay at home mom and there has been no better opportunity for me to pursue my passions. This does not mean that I do not love my job. I am an early childhood educator. I am surrounded by laughter and innocence all day. There is no better thing in life. And, I love what I do. However being home simply allowed me  to focus some of my energy on things that I love. If people were to do things that they are passionate about more often THEN MAYBE WE'D HAVE A LITTLE LESS HATE IN THE WORLD and it would be a happier place to live in.
    So readers,if there's any takeaway with todays' post, it is to do what you love. Do what you are passionate a little more often.
My current creations, I call them Gold Hearted. I made them for a very special client, my mom!

                                       Happy Monday! Thanks for reading, xoxo!

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