Tuesday, 9 April 2013

KIJIJI, try it out!

         Good morning to all!!! And I thought yesterday was gloomy!!! Today is a rainboot, splash in puddles day, and I intend to do so!!! Let me first inform you all on how my Kijiji adventures commenced. It all started when I told my husband that I wanted to buy new furniture for the house. Furniture that speak to me, is what I told him!  His reply to my wish was unpleasant, to say the least! I did not blame him because we had purchased our furniture about a year ago, at the time. Now, I was persistent. I kept telling him every other day the same thing. And, in the end, he somewhat gave in. He said if you can manage to sell the furniture on Kijiji, then buy what you please! And here we are today, Kijiji has become my part time job, lol!!!! It frustrates me and I dislike it, but I do it anyway (many of you feel this way about your current jobs, so you can relate, lol), and in the process, I am making some extra $$$$ in my pocket! I do it for the rush as well. Every time I make a sale, I get this burst on energy!

        I have also made an amazing purchase through Kijiji. I am glad I took the time to search for the perfect bedroom piece. Solid wood, repainted, canadian made, shabby chic,350$, delivered as well. Check it out...

                           I just adore it! I think my husband adored it for the price.

    Now many of you might not like looking through Kijiji adds, and I do not blame you. So many adds, so little time. Well, my sister in law discovered this fantastic website that I am going to share with you, www.montrealdigs.com. The title says it all:" I dig through Kijiji & Craiglist Montreal, so you don't have to!" She posts pics of amazing deals on Kijiji & lists the prices, details ,and all. And she knows her stuff!!!! I am on her site all the time, Thanks Lia!!!! Check out some of the pieces  that she has found...

Remember that side table from Winners for 79,99 that I so desperately want, well check this out...
for 50$ you can get 2 nesting tables!
This was a steal for 150$
The Barcelona couch. I didn't even now that it existed as a couch. A sinlge chair goes for over 500$. Imagine a couch!!!! Sadly, this piece has sold!!!!!
And my fav of all, is this solid oak bookcase for 250$
Sand this down, paint it, frost the glass and you got yourself a wall to wall pantry! That is what I would do of course!!!!
So, to conclude, I would love to thank Jennifer for creating this site! And I suggest you type on over there!
Thanks for reading, xoxo

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