Thursday, 8 August 2013

Back to work and our latest division!

Good evening to all out there!!!!! How is everyone doing???? It has been a while! I am so very happy to announce that tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!! Which means that the weekend is right around the corner!!!! AHHHHH, weekend! I have been patiently waiting for you for about four days now! This was week 2 of back to work for me! Let's sum up Week 1 in one word, HARD! Although I only worked three days, I found it extremely difficult!!! Leaving my little one was difficult. Not for him, he screams of joy when he sees my mom, his grandmother. He is having a blast over there!!!! Difficult for me. Although I was working, I was still in denial that I was back, back for good. Week 2 came along, not so bad. I have come to terms with it. The lottery was not in my cards. I am a little lost with the whole working, taking care of kid, cleaning and cooking (not that I was much of a cook before but at least I would think of taking something out of the freezer then).

On a completely different note, I am proud to announce that I recently just baptized not one, not two, but tree beautiful little babies! I could not be any more touched by this! For those of you who read my blog, you know that I am big on DIYS. I have not had much time for home d├ęcor DIYS but I did have time to do this...

So here is our latest SYP division, baptism accents. Customizable chests, candles, and witness pins! We will work with you around your theme and create a truly unique presentation for the special day!

Have a wonderful evening, xoxo!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Well readers, the time has come where I must change my "stay at home mom" to " Mom" and "early childhood educator" on my "About Me" column. Since winning the lottery was not in my plans, I must return to work. I have been off for over a year and a half therefore entering the work force is scaring me!!!! Scaring me a lot actually! I feel as if I have forgotten how to be an educator. It's been that long!!! I used to have a repertoire of songs that I used to sing to the children engraved in my brain. Now the only songs that come to mind are "If you're happy and you know it" and the oh so famous ABCD song!!!!! I do not understand how Moms with a capital M juggle work, house duties, and raising children all at the same time!!!!! I guess I will soon find out!!!!

Anyhow, on an artistic front, here are my latest's

The last one was for a client. I love seeing my art in homes.

So far, this is all I want to do!!!!! Customised to your liking! From initials to quotes, to choosing your colors!!! Message me for quotes and you will be pleased!!!!

And lastly, here are some pics from our launch party!!!! Pretty exciting!!!! Book your party now and take advantage of our hostessing perks!!!!!

Check us out on Facebook. New products coming very soon!!!!!!

Thanks for reading, XOXO!!!!!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Love them animals! New @ SYP and collage reveal!

Hello to all out there!!!! So nice to be back here once again!!!! Hope you are all having a swell week!!! The sun is shining and I feel your happiness fellow readers!!!!! It is time we get a summer up in here!!! I am happy to announce that I have adopted a pet horse!!! His name is Buttercup and I simply love him! He is super sweet and does not bite! Here he is

Charlie was getting lonely and needed a friend so I had no choice but to purchase him at Homesense! I knew my husband would not approve of him so I put him up on our anniversary! He wouldn't of had the heart to say: "What the...????" My genius plan worked! He just stared at Buttercup and sighed... Animals in a home are indispensable! They give character. Here are some that I have in my home




And, speaking of animals, freshly new at S.Y.P are these stunning clutches! I absolutely adore! They arrived just in time for tomorrow's launch party!

And lastly as promised, I can finally reveal a collage that I was working on for a client for quite some time! I delivered it last week and boy was I nervous! This collage was custom made. From first date location to favorite sports teams. I also did some Instagram stalking to get some more ideas on what to paste on the collage. I was worried about the sports teams but I am happy with the outcome!!!! Who would of thought...

Have a great evening and happy Friday to all tomorrow!!!!! XOXO!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Surround Yourself Pretty, paintings, and good old dollar store!!!!

OHHHHHHH blog how I've missed you so!!!! Good evening to all!!!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the upside down weather that we have been having! At least the sun came out a tad today! Guess he got tired from his hiding spot! Anyways, I am delighted to show you all these wonderful beauties!!!!

I feel so special!!! We got business cards!!! I've never had business cards before so this is quite exciting for me!!!! Surround Yourself Pretty also hosted its first party! Success!!!!!

Here is a glimpse!

Good old Mason Jars!!!!! My new favorite thing!!!! And when I get sick of them, it is DIY time!!!! And a big thank you to my very good friend Georgia for allowing us to host at her place!

Now, let us move on to One of my favorite stores! The dollar store of course!!! Were else can u get these...

That bar that holds my magazines from the 1$$$$ store! I spray painted it with black chalkboard spray paint!!! I suggest you all go out and purchase a can of chalkboard spray paint. Transform almost anything into a chalkboard! Genious I tell you, genious! Do not think hubby would of approved of the pink color that it once was. And those frames, also from the dollar store! I cannot wait to put up my new posters! Problem is deciding where they look best! And, here is my latest collection... I call it the Amour Collection!

I am having a blast experimenting with letters and neon paints!!! And, stay tuned next week! My collage will be revealed!!!!

That is all readers!!!! Thanks for dropping by, XOXO!

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Morning to all!!!!!!! Hope everyone is recovering well from the gloomy weather that we had the past few weeks!!!!!! I apologize for my leave of absence! My excuse, I have been busy!!!! The lamest of all excuses, but it is the truth!!!!! And, I have the blog to blame for this! Actually, I have the blog to thank for this, I believe!!!!! I have been busy making paintings for CLIENTS!!!!!!! I could not be any happier!!!! These two will be getting delivered this weekend and I cannot wait to see them up.

This was done for a fashion show!!! Unfortunately, I did not take a completed picture of it!!!! My bad! But I found this one, you can see a part of it in the background...

I am presently working on a huge personalised collage! Something I love to do!!!!!!! Here is a sneak peak although it is nowhere near done!!!!

And, when this is done, I will be working on the biggest project yet!!!! Kind of scared but up for the challenge. I just love painting!!!! And I could not be any happier!!!!! So, Blog, I thank you!!!!! I also thank Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous!!!! You make me want to paint and excel even more!!!! SO FOR THAT, I THANK YOU!!!!!!!

So, what has happened around here? I haven't been DIY'ing much due to the lack of time but here are some home changes!!!! I finally got my black wall. This will one day be my painting atelier!!!! Soon, I hope! The living room is not cutting it for me anymore!!!!!

I love the black wall so much that I am definitely going to be painting this wall right here!!!!! I cannot wait!!!! Hubby promised that he would do it!!!!!! So I will bust until it gets done!!!!!! lol!!!!!

My purse collection has been increasingly growing, lol! Here it is!!!! Purses make me happy! I am sure all women can relate!!!! My apologies for the blurry pic! Meet my pet lion Leo! He is quite the gentleman, always carries my handbags and not one complaint!

And, lastly, on a completely different note, if you haven't visited "Surround Yourself Pretty" on our Facebook page, here is what we are all about!

"Here at Surround Yourself Pretty, we strive to unveil the inner pretty of ladies and tots alike. We provide an array of affordable embellishments to accentuate your inner beauty and infuse your own personal style into all of your outfits.

Interested in any of our pieces? Looking to host a jewelry party at your home? Or perhaps you’re planning a bachelorette or girls night out? Let us doll you up!

Contact us at or send us a message here for more information. "

So, there you have it readers, have a fantastic day and surround yourself with prettiness today and everyday!!!!!xoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Surround Yourself Pretty!!!!

    Morning to all!!! Well, I won't sugar coat it, the weather outside is frightful!!!!! I am in need of a little vitamin D, maybe a trip down south will hit the spot. But, in reality I'll just pop in a vitamin! More in my budget! LOL! Well, I am happy to announce that I, along with my awesome cousins have teamed up and we are delighted to announce that we will be bringing in accessories for babies and women! I cannot wait to show you all our wonderful products. Our mission, to bring any outfit to the next level!!!!!

    We had a Vogue photo shoot at my house on Thursday!!!!! Minus the Vogue!!! Here is a sneak peak of what went on behind the scenes!!!!!Lol!!!


   And here are some tunes to occupy you this weekend, courtesy of my friend Fay!!!

Leaving u, by Audien+Micheal
I was a fool, by Tegan & Sara
Treasure, by Bruno Mars
Dark Paradise, Pavor Stelar remix
Brighter, by Guena ft Gravitonas
Ambiente, by IHD
Get Lucky, by Daft Punk (my fav)
What I wouldn't o, by Ryder

                                                                        Have a wonderful Weekend, xoxo!!!!!