Tuesday, 30 April 2013


     Good morning to all!!!!! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I was in bed with fever, so I cannot say that I enjoyed my weekend, sadly. I missed my son and my husband! I felt really guilty not being able to much around the house. The house work has just piled up and I will probably be done with all of it by Friday. Which at that point, I will have to start all over again!!!! I will not be posting this week, apart from today, that is, due to the Orthodox Easter falling this week. But I will be back next week with some exciting DIYs. For all those celebrating Easter this week, KALH ANASTASI!
                                                              Thanks for reading, xoxo

Friday, 26 April 2013

We are Blessed!!!!!

   TGIF readers! I was TKO yesterday! ME+fever=  1 big baby! Anyways, it has been since Monday that I have been searching for Friday and I have finally found it! I am glad!
  "To be blessed" means 'to be favoured by God'. Blessings therefore are directly associated with God and come from God. Thus to express a blessing is like bestowing a wish on someone that they will experience the favor of God", Wikipedia.
  It is very easy to be consumed by negativity. For example, being frustrated while stuck in traffic, or cursing because you spill your coffee on your new shirt, or feeling anxious and stressed because you are running late, getting mad about something meaningless, etc.  It is much easier to allow yourself to get upset over something useless then to actually allow yourself to be happy over life’s blessings. Next time you are happy, take a minute a express your joy, vocalise it the same way you would vocalise your feelings when you are unhappy. There's no better chain reaction than the chain reaction of joy and happiness.
   A few days ago, I got upset over a silly comment that someone had made towards me. The first thought to mind, was anger and negativity. I kept telling myself that I should not let this bother me, but truth be told, it did bother me. But, with a little guidance from the good people around me I realised that I should do the exact opposite of what I was feeling. So what I did,  instead of retaliating, I prayed for this individual. Turns out, praying for people that did bad to you is pretty hard. The way I look at it is, if somebody steals from you it is because they are less fortunate and they need help. If somebody tries to hurt you it is because they are weak and again they need help. If somebody is disrupted and angry again in some way they need help. My point is that when you are blessed acknowledge what you have and pray for those who don't have all that you do, even those who try to hurt you.
   So going back to what I was saying about being grateful and thinking positive. Do you know what my favourite part of the day is? The moment my husband walks in the door, my little one goes nuts, kicking, bouncing in my arms and sporting an ear to ear smile. He is not a Mama’s boy. He is Daddy's little man. The expression on my sons' face is priceless and at that moment, I thank God for all that he has bestowed in me. I look forward to that moment every day of my life! I truly do. I also look forward to the moment my feet touch the ground every morning. We create the world around us. And if you are not looking forward to the day ahead of you, then the day is not looking forward to you. Next time you have a bad day at work or the next time you get in an argument with your spouse or a friend realize that it doesn't matter because you are lucky to have a job, a spouse, or a friend...
 This world is whatever we make of it. Some may say it is heaven. Some may say it is hell. I say it is a GIANT CANVAS and we are the artists, so paint with care and create your own Mona Lisa. Stop sweating the small stuff and thank god for all the good he has given you. Easier said than done, I know. I am still learning how to do this!!!!
 .                                         Thanks for reading, xoxo!


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Homesense part 2

    Good morning to all!!!!! Hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday evening! Mine was great, minus the Canadians losing again!!!!!! Oh well, at least we made the playoffs!

     Went to Winners yesterday to complete a gift, of course my eyes wondered around Homesense instead and I found myself drooling over tons of things. Is it me or is Homesense getting better and better!!!! I love Homesense, I search for items and envision how they would look in my home! Like these amazing rugs! They would look just dandy in my living room.

Do not know if I would go black and white or green and white to add that pop of colour! Well, for now, I am not doing neither lol!!!!

I have a total book obsession. Books look amazing anywhere in the house. I have books everywhere. My husband dislikes them. They are always in the way of things!!!! 
Bobby: "Why are these books here?" 
Cristal: "They look pretty"
Bobby: "The point of an end table is to put your drink on it, not a book"
Cristal:"Yes but it looks prettier this way!"
Bobby:" I don't care, why should I have to place my drink on the floor?''

I know he is right, people come over and I have no place to put their drinks! lol!!!!! Anyway, I still want more. But I will have to wait for Mother's day for one of these.

However, I did find a beauty of a book that was right in my price range

7, The Number for Happiness, Love, and Success by Jacqueline Leo

The rundown of the purchase, simple:

1. ouuuu, nice cover, matches my decor
2. ouuuu nice price 3.99
3. ouuuu nice title!
in to the shopping cart it goes!!!!!!

Here are some other lovely items that can go anywhere in the home!!!!

This is just amazing, but I just cannot imagine the fingerprints!!!!

So this is what is happening at Homesense for the moment! If you are ever in the look out for something, just let me know. I will gladly be of help!!!!

Thanks for reading lovelies, xoxo!!!!!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spiderman vs Skeletor

     Good morning lovely readers!!!!! Happy Tuesday to all! Tuesday will forever be the "dreadliest" (I invented a word, you can use it you wish!) day of the week for me. Always has been, always will be. I wanted to post about my weekend's Ikea adventure but I would rather type to you about a dream that I had the other day. The most randomness dream of all times. It made my husband laugh so hard, he had tears running down his face. So I figured, if it made him laugh this much maybe it will entertain you just as much. I would like to point out that I was not laughing, I was terrified!!!!!
       I was at the movie theatres with my son. I was watching a movie while holding him in my arms when all of a sudden Skeletor, He-man's villain, stormed in the theatre. By the way we were all human except for him, he appeared as a cartoon character, go figure! He came up to me and threatened me. You see, in my dream, I was Spiderman. I do not know why I was Spiderman and not Spiderwoman but anyhow! He somehow figured out my secret identity! I blame the Daily Bugle!!!He told me to meet him at the theatre's at seven o'clock so he can kill me. And, I agreed to this!!!!! I left the theatre, brought my son to my friend Fay's house, so she can watch over him. I was afraid for my life and I kept looking at the time. And then, I heard my little one crying and I woke up!!!!!! Thank goodness!!!!

this is him, the villain with no neck who sports a belted skirt!!!!!!
 So readers, if you can top this dream, I urge you to type about it!!!!!
Off topic, but how was this attire acceptable back in the days???
Anyways, my new obsession is making over sized coasters. I love them because I can match any decor! They some what resemble my paintings, I think this is why I like them so much!!!! What do you think?

And lastly, this vignette is going up for sale on Kijiji. The mirrored bases are attracting my son's attention too much. He also likes to hold on to the foot rests and swing from them. Did I mention he is only 7 1/2 months old, lol????
I will let you know what crazy offers I receive, if any!!!!
Have a good one! Thanks for reading, xoxo!!!

Monday, 22 April 2013

The girl behind the blog

   Good morning lovely readers! I am glad that you all took the time to visit my blog today. Today's post is a special one. It is actually about the girl behind this blog. That would be me, of course!
   If you were to tell me a year ago, that I would be writing a blog, posting looks on lookbook,and displaying my creations online, I would be the first to tell you, YOU ARE NUTS, I WOULD NEVER! But something happened a few months ago. Something that would forever change my life. I became a mother. My life changed, hence, I changed. I instantly fell in love with a precious little angel. Never in a million years did I ever believe that I would be a Mother, in all honesty. Being a stay at home mom has and is an amazing and fulfilling experience for me, and I cherish every second of it.
  Being home also allowed me to focus on things that I had been pushing to the side for far too long, my passions.
   My passion, expressing my creativity in whatever manner I please. Painting, creating, designing, DIY'ing, I love it all. And sharing it with you,is the icing on the cake. It makes everything so much sweeter! People appreciating my creations, well that is the cherry on the very top! It fulfils me in an unexplainable way.
   Most people wake up every day and go to work not because they love their jobs but because they have to work. Few people are lucky enough to do what they actually love to do. It is my belief that this is very sad. As I mentioned earlier, I am a stay at home mom and there has been no better opportunity for me to pursue my passions. This does not mean that I do not love my job. I am an early childhood educator. I am surrounded by laughter and innocence all day. There is no better thing in life. And, I love what I do. However being home simply allowed me  to focus some of my energy on things that I love. If people were to do things that they are passionate about more often THEN MAYBE WE'D HAVE A LITTLE LESS HATE IN THE WORLD and it would be a happier place to live in.
    So readers,if there's any takeaway with todays' post, it is to do what you love. Do what you are passionate a little more often.
My current creations, I call them Gold Hearted. I made them for a very special client, my mom!

                                       Happy Monday! Thanks for reading, xoxo!

Friday, 19 April 2013


            Good morning to all my readers! Today, I am overwhelmed of joy because it is Friday. Friday is always a feel good day for most! I am also happy to announce that I have no plans this weekend, therefore I am even happier!lol! Hopefully, I have some time to spring-i-fy the house this weekend.

            For as long as I can remember, every season, I would rummage through my closet and pile up clothing that I have not worn for like ever and donate them to the Quebec Foundation. Well, every season, this always occurs to me, I stumble upon a shirt, for example, that I just cannot seem to part with. So, I shove it back in my overfilled closet. The following season comes along, and I do the same thing over and over again. I know that I will never wear the item again, but I just cannot seem to let it go. Well, one day, a thought came to mind. Why not transform my shirts into pillows!!!! Well, I did exactly that. I transformed some shirts into pillows. I now possess a Diesel and a Juicy Couture pillow, lol!!!!. Though they did not come out exactly how I imagined, I still think they are adorable! How cute will this pillow look in a baby girl's room???

A diesel pillow in a walk in closet, how appropriate!  This DIY is pretty much free. Just find a shirt, cut  and sow! That easy!

    Here is another variation of an old shirt DIY. This is really fun to do! And I think I will be doing this all weekend!!!!! They make me laugh!

                                                     Who knew American Apparel sold Chanel!!!!lol!!!

                                                          Happy crafting! Thanks for reading, xoxo!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Graffiti all over this place!!!!!

      Good morning to all! Very late start to the day today, VERY. Actually I haven't even started, lol! Still in pj's, hair in a bun, house a mess, and you can figure out the rest!
       I will let you all in on a little secret of mine. Something that has been on my mind for quite some time actually. Something that I have been itching to do for like EVER! Check these out...

via inhabitots.com
                                                                       I am in love with graffiti anything!!!!

     Well,  I am dying to do this to a chair. I have been on Kijiji in a mad hunt for this particular chair right here.
                                                                                     Ikea Solsta Orlap, 75$

      I have found it many times, but by the time I respond to the add, sadly the chair has sold.
Now, when I have an itch, I have  to scratch.  I am dying to sharpie the ^%$^#%$# out of this chair!!!!! So, if you possess this chair, and want to get rid of it, let me know! In the meantime, I have come up with this idea instead. You see these chairs,

well, I can do lots with them. I  can paint them, upholster them, bedazzle them, etc. The possibilities are endless!!!!!!! I would even love to do this to them,

via pinterest
I love it, sadly, my husband would never go for this. But that is ok, because I can do something else. I can add a chevron pattern such as this one
  I can even gold leaf  them to match my gold spotted hide. I can even paint them. Of course, I mentioned this to my husband. He told me not to touch them, he likes them just the way they are! Well, Bobby, when you called me earlier today, and asked me what I was going to do today. And, I replied: ''Nothing!" Well, truth be told, I might of lied!!!!!! Hope you like what I am about to do!!!!!! I am only kidding!!!!!!
Lol, thanks for reading, xoxo!!!!!!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

DIY!!!!! TRY IT OUT!!!!!

     Good morning readers!!!!!! From the inside, it seems to be a gorgeous day!!!!! Can't wait to bring out the spring attire!!!! And to top it off, I found out yesterday that I will be meeting my twin nieces, for the very first time, in under two weeks. Second set of twins in my family, we are blessed to say the very least!!!!!

     On Monday, I ventured off to the 1$ Store to purchase some much needed unnecessary items! My heart skips a beat as I enter, as always. DIYS are bouncing around in my brain, as usual. The DIY possibilities are endless but my pocket is on on a budget! I must purchase ONLY the necessary useless material! LOL! I proceed and search for ONLY the items on my list. And yes, I have a list because I tend to be somewhat forgetful. I find the items and find many other useless but much needed items as well. I head to the cash and the cashier comments: "ohhh lala!!!! What are you going to do with all this???" I get that quite often there! Honestly, I do!  Anyways, on the bright side, I made a gorgeous mirrored box! The pictures just do not do it justice, it is much nicer in reality!!!

The possibilites are endless. Jewelery box, vase, stand, hide the remotes, tisue box, etc. This project is cheap and easy! Trust me!!!!
Material: (5 mirrors)
Pour some paint over the mirrors (I used a spatula to spread the paint around)

Pour water over every mirror until you get the desired look

           allow to dry before handling (something I did not do because I have no patience)

You can stop here, add some felt under the mirror and use as a coaster, or you can glue the mirrors together using your glue gun.
trim any visible glue around edges
use a permanent marker to go over edges (if needed)
That is all!!!!!! And this is what you get!!!!!!!
I plan to make a few and line them up on a shelf! Can't wait!!!!
Happy crafting!
Thanks for reading, xoxo!
And check out another great purchase from the 1$ store! I am loving my zipper bracelets!!!!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


    Good morning readers! Gloomy day. I am deeply saddened by yesterday's traumatic event. I am puzzled by all of it. I am in loss of words. If an adult, such as myself cannot comprehend  the reasoning behind such a gruesome event, how can a child? My son is seven months old, fortunately, I do not have to play the role of a grievance counsellor. But, I ask myself, had he been older and had it hit home, what would I say to him? Blanks just come to mind, in all honesty!

    I had so many things I wanted to share with all of you today. Fun DIYS, actually. But, none of that matters right now. My prayers are with everyone affected...

                                                         Thanks for reading, xoxo

Monday, 15 April 2013

Light it up!!!!!!!!

    Good morning to all!!!!!!!! 2 fundraisers+1 wedding= 1 tired mommy!!!!! And, I am pretty sure a tornado came to visit at some point this weekend, because my home is literally upside down!!!! Needless to say that nothing got down around here apart from some office, now storage room decluttering. You still cannot walk in without tripping over some random pointless item carefully placed on the floor, but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thank goodness!!!!

     Were you ever a candle fanatic? I think I speak for all women when I say that at some point in our lives we were obsessed with scented tealights and tealight holders, large pillars, floating candles, etc. And how could we not of been? They add instant ambiance to any room. Right? I am certain that some of us even hosted Partylite candle parties. Right??? I have been to a few myself. In all honesty, I never really wanted to attend. Why??? A few dozen tealights later, 100$ down the drain!!!!!! And, to top it off, I must explain the purchase to my husband! I have no excuse for the purchase!!!!! Really!!! What to tell him??? They leave your house smelling nice???? Big deal!!!!! Well, for those of you who are candle fanatics, I have a little tip. It is an oldie, but a goodie. I believe in splurging in large candles, pillars, and jar candles. But this is what I do!And, you should try it! Light up your pillar for a few hours and remove the melted wax. Once you remove the melted wax, you will see that you can fit in a tealight. So the next time you want to light up your candle, pop in a tealight instead. You will never need to spend money on a large candle ever again. You just replenish with tealights. Now, if you have children and do not wish to light up any candles,well then just visit www.kgbdecor.com and purchase a dozen led flameless tealights. I am drooling over all their products!!!!!You will never have to worry about candles ever again!!!!!!

                                          Happy Monday everyone, thanks for reading, xoxo!!!

Sunday, 14 April 2013


    I decided to dedicate my weekends to Lookbook.nu. My weekend attires will be posted on my blog!


                                                                        Arm Candy!


Friday, 12 April 2013


    Happy Friday to all! So, we are expecting about 15 cm. of snow here in Montreal. How nice!lol! I am just lounging on the couch, staring out the window  waiting for the snow to fall down from the sky. It is actually quite peaceful this morning.

    I am in a painting mood today, unfortunately I have ran out of painting supplies :( So, for today, I am tackling the office, now storage room!lol!!!!

    Before wishing you all a happy weekend, I will share a story with you! Last night, after putting GN to sleep, I decide to start working on a 11 by 14 size painting. I was really enjoying myself, and I was liking the direction the painting was heading, when suddenly GN started crying. I went upstairs. I picked him, and held him. As, I was doing this, I hear my husband calling me. And this is how the story goes...

     Bobby: "Babe! Babe! I ruined your painting!"
     Bobby: "Cristal, Cristal, I ruined your painting!"
     I ignore, I was busy...
     I put the baby back to bed, and proceed downstairs. I see my husband holding a painting brush.
      Bobby: "I wanted to fix your painting! I had this idea, and it looked really nice in my head, but when I picked up the brush, It didn't come out the way I planned it out in my head..."
      I kicked him out of my painting atelier (the kitchen) and asked him what possessed him to do such a thing...
After asking him a dozen times, he answers: "The hockey game got boring so I wanted to paint!!!!!"
        Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for reading, xoxo!!!!!

                     DIY mirror antiquing!!! My new fav thing!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Goodbye Coccinella!

       Good morning readers, the sun is shining!!!! Bitter sweet day for me! Sadly, I said goodbye to my beloved  red Mazda 3 (hence, the red text colour).  Coccinella, is what I named her, after the famous bug, the ladybug!!!! You see, Coccinella never gave me any problems, hardly any trips to the garage in fact. She shined like a ruby, we had good times her and I. I watched her all day, yesterday, parked in my driveway. I knew it was her last time seeking refuge on my driveway... At the dealership, I was huffing and puffing as I signed papers last night, and giving dirty looks to my husband!!!! Why the dirty looks you ask???? Let us rewind about a year or so....

    You see, my husband drives a two door, sports car. She is a beauty BUT not kid friendly. So, for the past year he has been looking to trade it in... Now, that was the plan. I would get the new car, and he would get the Mazda. The Libra in him could not decide what car to purchase. So, he would ask me: " Cristal, what car do you wish to have? ". My answer, the same as always:"A truck". His reply: "No, we are getting a Jetta!" Why bother asking!!!!!lol!!!! To make a long story short, he came home last Friday and announced that he found the perfect car for me. We went to see it. I loved it!!!! And all I can remember is shaking hands with the dealer and trading in MY Coccinella!!!!!! Not the two door sports car, MY beloved Coccinella!!!!!!

    I did get my truck, by the way!!!! The stroller fits perfectly in the trunk. And, a passenger can actually sit in the front seat. Unlike before, passengers had to sit in the back. The car seat in the back, left no room in the front for an adult to sit!!!!lol!!! And, the best part, I can work on some huge paintings!!!! Large canvas' did not fit in the Mazda...

                                       thanks for reading, Xoxo

P.S. Check out my walmart purchases!!! 3$$$$$$ I love steals!!!!!!!