Friday, 19 April 2013


            Good morning to all my readers! Today, I am overwhelmed of joy because it is Friday. Friday is always a feel good day for most! I am also happy to announce that I have no plans this weekend, therefore I am even happier!lol! Hopefully, I have some time to spring-i-fy the house this weekend.

            For as long as I can remember, every season, I would rummage through my closet and pile up clothing that I have not worn for like ever and donate them to the Quebec Foundation. Well, every season, this always occurs to me, I stumble upon a shirt, for example, that I just cannot seem to part with. So, I shove it back in my overfilled closet. The following season comes along, and I do the same thing over and over again. I know that I will never wear the item again, but I just cannot seem to let it go. Well, one day, a thought came to mind. Why not transform my shirts into pillows!!!! Well, I did exactly that. I transformed some shirts into pillows. I now possess a Diesel and a Juicy Couture pillow, lol!!!!. Though they did not come out exactly how I imagined, I still think they are adorable! How cute will this pillow look in a baby girl's room???

A diesel pillow in a walk in closet, how appropriate!  This DIY is pretty much free. Just find a shirt, cut  and sow! That easy!

    Here is another variation of an old shirt DIY. This is really fun to do! And I think I will be doing this all weekend!!!!! They make me laugh!

                                                     Who knew American Apparel sold Chanel!!!!lol!!!

                                                          Happy crafting! Thanks for reading, xoxo!

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