Thursday, 4 April 2013

         Good morning to all! Hope you all had a pleasant evening.  I was pureeing baby food last night. Hubby came around to try everything out. He loved everything! Believes we should be eating like this! " Can I have some blueberry and pear jam tomorrow morning??? Pls!!! We should eat like this all the time!!!"  Lol!

        Anyways,  I had many IMPORTANT errands to run today, sadly husband woke up only to find a flat tire on his car, therefore, I am car less today. Homesense will have to wait another day, so sad!!!!! Lol!  What is a girl to do on a day like this???? Easy, engage is some DIY's! I always carry some  extra canvas' around the house. So, a few of you have asked me how I made the gold spotted cow hide. I will explain. SUPER EASY, SUPER SIMPLE, SUPER CHEAP! I have no patience for projects that take time, unfortunately! Anyone can do this, I am doing this as I post and little guy is napping so I do not have much time!!!!

 Items required for the hide are as follows:
 canvas (amount depends on the size you wish to have)
 acrylic paint
 water based polyurethane latex
 scissors and a black marker

      First thing, find a layout off the Internet that pleases you. I went on  and  used this one

   Fold your canvas in half and trace away, like I did! You then cut out your tracing.

   Unfold, make any necessary adjustments, if needed.

start painting, I decide to make a hybrid! gold and black!
 It needs a few more coats of gold, once it dries, coat it with the latex. This will seal it in.

    Do NOT, decide to seal it in your home!!!! Thank goodness my husband did not let me!!!! Lol!!!! It may say water based, low odour, ultra fast drying but still NOT a good idea!!!!! You can choose to add an antislip rug mat but I find that canvas laid out on the floor does not really slip all that much!

                             So it is 9:00 a.m. and I am almost done! Post and all! See, I told you easy!!!!!!

                                                           thanks for reading, xoxo!


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