Thursday, 28 March 2013


              Good morning to all!!!!! Today feels like a Friday because my husband is off tomorrow! Long weekend, I love you!  I dedicate today's post to him!

              A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it, Wikipedia.

             Well folks, here is one of mine. Quite often, when I paint, my husband comes around and stares at my painting. He stands next to me and literally places his finger up against his lip as if he is contemplating. He then tells me what HE thinks I should do with my painting, what direction to go. Our conversation sounds something like this:

                                        Bobby: " You know what I think you should do? "
                                        Cristal: " Leave me alone. "
                                        Bobby: "Listen to me, just listen, trust me!"
                                        Cristal: " leave me alone!!!!!"
                                        Bobby: "OK, I think you should add some white paint......... etc, etc, etc....
                                        Cristal: " No, it's going to look stupid, leave me"

          Well,  for some unknown reason, I end up listening to him.  In the end, I end up disliking my work. I get mad, and start all over. It has happened a few times, and I never learn my lesson. Well, this weekend, when he came around to critique, I simply handed him a canvas and told him to make his own painting. I turned my pet peeve into something quite enjoyable. Painting with him was fun! Here is a look at his piece (he did not want me to post this because he claims it is not finished). Oh Well!!!!!!

            Now, I plan to be a supportive wife and display this piece in the living room when he is around. When he is not around, I plan on simply turning the canvas around, and displaying my collage.    
                                                         Still working on this one...
He will never know what lies behind his masterpiece!!!!!LOL!!!!
Thanks for reading, xoxo

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