Wednesday, 13 March 2013

fur, fur, and more fur!!!!!

Oh Fur, how i luv u soooooo!!!!!! How can something that feels so good against my skin be so wrong!!!!!lol!!! I love fur coats, fur shawls, fur pillows, fur throws, fur rugs,and fur handbags. That is all!!! Ok, and maybe fur ear muffs!!!!! And fur ottomans!!!!!! I am not saying i have these items, all i am saying is that i luv them!!!!! How can i not luv the look of these amazing pillows:
they would look great on my bed!!!! hey y not add 2 more pillows to the existing 8 that i already have on my bed!!!!! i am certain my husband would luv that!!!!!!!

these are just as nice as well, don't u think????
how about these throws????? aren't they just divine?????

truth be told, i do have some fur accessories in my dwelling!!! faux fur items that is!!! they are much more affordable and great looking as well!!!!!
check out my faux fur foot stool, luv it! and, yes, it is resting on a cow hide!!!! i have a mix of both faux and real! it is true!!!!!!  

so for today, off to Fabricville I go, in hopes of finding some faux fur fabric!!!! i would luv a throw or a pillow!!!! and if i do not find anything there, off to Indigo I go!!!!!
INDIGO!!!!! how i luv ur orange wall in the entrance. How i luv ur hardwood tile flooring, the smell of ur books get me high and ur bathrooms are just divine!!!!!! it is a place where i can stroke my fingers up againt the oh so beautiful Louboutin Books without getting judged!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!
 hope u enjoyed my posts!!!!!!! keep u posted on my purchases!!!!!!!!

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