Tuesday, 19 March 2013

On days like these...


          Good morning to all my readers!!!!!! Saturday we were bbq'ing and today we are shoveling!!!! For those of u who are not from here, here is a sneak peek of what is going on!!!!
                 my apologies for my horrible picture taking!!!!!!! but u get the point!!!!!!

      On days like these, I am glad I get to stay indoors and spend some much needed time with GNS!!!! Today, all I can think of, is my honeymoon. Here are some pics that i would love to share with u all.

                                                 luv the chairs, ill take a few pls!!!!!!!!

                               Maybe one day, I'll get to relive this experience with my little one!!!!

       Anyways, I am dying to share this idea that I came up with the other day!!!!! Last week, I went window shopping and noticed something that I had to make mine in the store window display. So, I walked in and proceeded to look for the item that caught my eye! It was the perfect item to place my throws and pillows in. It kind of looked like this, except it wasn't a Longchamp, but very similar...

        Being the experienced shopper that I am, lol, I found the item in about 30 seconds flat!!!!!!! I picked it up, looked at the price and smiled, 14.99$. Affordable, YES! I then proceeded to go pay. As I was waiting in line, my phone rang. It was my husband. He asked me where I was. He also, very politely, asked me not to purchase an unnecessary item for the house!!!!!! HMMMMM!!!! What to do????? I felt like I needed it!!!!! I really did!!!!! Well, in the end, I put it back. I went home and thought.  What can I use to place my throws and pillows in? And a lightbulb went on!!!!

                                                               MY MK HANDBAG!!!!!
 I am sure, you all have a large purse, or beachbag that you can use instead of a wicker basket... And, once summer comes along, and you want to use it, just find a winter bag!!!!!!!  It is that simple!!!! I am now 14.99$ richer!!!!! That is the way I look at it!!!!!!! lol!!!!!

                                            thanks for reading!!!!!!xoxo!!!!

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  1. it is almost as if i knew you were shopping!