Monday, 11 March 2013


So here is my first post on my blog, hope u enjoy!!!! i started this blog cuz i have plenty on my mind and i would luv to share my thoughts with everyone out there!!!!!! my blog will be all about home decor, my art work, my likes and dislikes, and much much more!!!!!!!!
when i got pregnant, i had to stop working asap. being home for 9 months made me realize that i luved home decor. HGTV was my go-to channel!!!! my hubby would come home everyday after work and find the furniture rearranged like ALL the time!!!!! i am still trying to convince him to sell all our furniture and start over again!!!!!!! LOL!!!! all this brings me to my first post: THE COFFEE TABLE
when my little one turned five months, he began moving around alot and i mean ALOT! i was checking my emails one day ( i was sitting next to him) and he dragged his little body all the way to the coffee table ( my coffee table was a chest with handles on the side) he managed to grab the handle and tried pulling his little body up! that is when i realized it was time to let the table go!!!! pointy edges, too much hardware, etc... i posted an add on kijiji and it sold for more than the purchase price!!!! it trully was a lovely piece!!!! bitter sweet moment when i had to let it go cuz i luved it so!!!! but i was eyeing another one and when it went 70% off, i purchased it!!!!!!! its tufted so much safer!!!!!!! here are the befores and afters, let me know what u think!!!!!!

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