Friday, 22 March 2013

For the love of paint!

      TGIF to all GNS IS MY HAPPINESS readers!!!!!!!! Fridays just make me feel really good! Don't they make you feel good as well??? A friend of mine once asked me if TGIF feels the same as it used to before the baby came along. My answer to that???? TGIF is even better, it means daddy is home for the weekend!!!!!! Too bad daddy came home with fever :(

     This week has been a long one for me. I worked on many projects, and I would love to share one of them with you. I can't really call it a project, however, more of a hobby. One of my favorite hobbies that is, painting. I love painting. It makes me feel really good and I feel more productive when I do so. It all started when furniture shopping with my husband about two, three years ago. I walked into Maison Corbeil and noticed the artwork on the walls. I stared at them for a while and thought to myself : "I can do this". And, that is what i did. I picked up some canvases, brushes and paint and did what came to mind. Everytime I finished a piece, I felt a sense of satisfaction! Creating your own artwork is alot less expensive then buying it! But, above all, the feeling you get putting up your own artwork on your wall is priceless!

    Here are some of my older pieces...

 My newer pieces are quite different. I call them: Injection of color. I cannot wait to put them up!

                                   I am not saying I am talented, but i am passionate about it!
                                           Enjoy the weekend!!!! Thanks for reading xoxo

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