Friday, 15 March 2013


        Do it yourself, a term used by various communities that focus on people creating things for themselves without the aid of paid professionals, wikipedia
        DIY projects, I simply luv them! You save money doing them and they give u a sense of satisfaction once u are done. Well, they should, but in my case, they led to money loss and frustration!!!!! Y???? It's simple, impatience!
        I used to get super excited before starting my projects. I would purchase the  necessary material, lay everything out and start... And this is where the problems would begin, I call them step skipping!  Measuring????? waste of time, im a human measuring tape! "me to mati" in greek, meaning, with the eye!!!! Wait for paint to dry???? Y should I???? So, here are some of my projects gone wrong!
                                           I wanted to make this for the little guy's room
mine turned out like this:

the pieces didnt fit so i had to figure something out!!!!!
my fav of all, was this diy
Well, i can't really show you my version because it is buried in a pile of snow in my backyard. Funny story actually!!! I was 8 months pregnant and driving around with my mom when I spotted the pallet on the side of the road. So, i asked my mom to put it n my car, It didn't fit in the trunk but somehow she managed to shove it in the back seat. Anyways, once home I asked my husband to take it out. He claimed it was impossible to take it out but somehow managed to remove it along with the back seat! I was forced to go to mazda to get it fixed. Pieces were not available. Ordered them. they said it would take up to 2 weeks. Water broke. Rushed to the hospital, with no back seat and no car seat installed!!!!! Anyways, in the end it all worked out, except for the project that is!!!!!
But not all my DIY's have gone sour! Something happened after I gave birth to my son. Call it a lack of time, or an increase amount of patience, I don't know! Somehow, my projects came to life!
here are a few samples:

moral of the post: take your time when DIY'ing!!!!!!
I'm off for today. I can hear my house calling me: clean me, clean me pls!!!!!!!!!

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