Monday, 18 March 2013

black walls!!!!!

                        Happy Monday to all!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!!! I know I did! Lots got done but so much more to do!!!! It never ends!!!!!! I am feeling the Monday blues today mainly because I have not had my coffee yet! NO MILK!!!!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! I have caught myself staring at nothing outside the window!!!!!! I need a coffee!!!!!!So, for today all I can think of are black walls. I have been dreaming of a black wall or two somewhere in my house!
Check out these beauties!!!!!
                                               black in the bedroom, something to consider

                                                      black in the dining room!!! luv it!

                                                black on black, that fireplace is to die for!

                                                            love everything in this room!


                               So, I am thinking of experimenting with this wall right here

           So many things to consider. Do I paint the doors, the baseboards and the trimmimgs? And which black hue to choose? Believe it or not, soooooo many to choose from!!!!! They all look the same to me but they probably aren't!!!!!!!!

           Anyways, short post today. This coffee withdrawal is making me very forgetful and I must go buy some milk!!!!!

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