Thursday, 14 March 2013

Diane Von Furstenberg

          As mentioned yesterday, Fabricville was one of my errands. Although I did not find what i was looking for, i did find some hidden gems at 50% off!!! I get lost at Fabricville and my mind wonders! So many fabrics to choose from & so many possibilities. I am glad my mom was with me to control my impulse shopping!!!!! I have untouched fabrics dating back from who knows when!!!!!!!! Anyways, back to my gems, here they are
At first, i was thinking pillows but i have too many. So, for now, I am thinking of covering some lamp shades and adding some fabric on this vase
                                                will post pics when these DIYs are done! One day!!!!!
       When leaving the store, i noticed a Zellers near by, sadly, they are all closing down. However, they are getting replaced by Target so i am very happy!!!!!!! Everything was 90% off, i was bound to find something useless that i couldn't live without!!!lol!!!! After going through the dusty aisles, the corner of my eye noticed these beauties

not that i needed any charger plates or dessert plates fot that matter but how can i resist designer plates at a fraction of the price!!!!!!!!! these gorgeous pieces were 90% off!!!!!!!!! Each plate was initially 20 dollars a pop!!!!!!!! So, u do the math!!!!!!!lol!!!!!
So, Diane Von Furstenberg, I thank u for ur home collection!!!!
Now, all i need is a place to display them!!!! Maybe a new kitchen will do!!!lol!!!!!
thanks for reading!

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