Tuesday, 26 March 2013


    Good evening to all!!!!!! Super excited tonight, New Girl is playing. As I mentioned in one of my  previous posts, if you do not follow it, I suggest you do! You will die of laughter!!!! I promise, lol!
     For today, I would love to share with you a super easy, super simple, super cheap DIY. It will take you about three minutes of your time. Here is the finished product

                                                       DIY FRAMED BLACKBOARD


So here are the steps:
STEP 1: shop around the house for a picture frame (i shopped at my parents house and found this lovely piece)
STEP 2: Stick your adhesive blackboard (purchased from the 1$ store) on a cardboard
STEP 3: place blackboard in frame
STEP 4: write a sweet message
STEP 5: find a lovely spot in your home to display your blackboard
and there you go!!!!!!!! Done in three minutes! Promise!
thanks for reading, xoxo

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