Monday, 25 March 2013

Never Ending Projects!

      Good Monday to all!!!!!!!! Every Monday that comes along is just another reminder that I will be going back to work soon!!!!!!!! OHHHHH the horror!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!!! Hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was not the best of weekends, unfortunately. Hubby was sick all weekend and today as well, therefore not much got done, apart from disenfecting every inch of the house!

     I did manage to open up some projects and not finish them, I am really good at doing that!!! lol! Here is a peek at my never ending projects!

     I decided to glam out my lounger a little. As much as I loved it just the way it was, it needed some glam. So I purchased some furniture tacks from Reno and hammered away! Not really difficult to do, but time consuming. Needless to say, I did not finish. But here is a look at what I got done so far.



   Right before heading to the cash at Reno, I noticed a table for 9$. I picked that up as well because I had something in mind for it. Here is a pic of the table.

   I plan on adding white tacks all around, gold leafing the legs and upholstering it with this mangolian wool type fabric. In the end, I hope it can be used a small seating stool.

   My favorite of all projects was this one right here!!!!!! I decided to make my own zebra hide! The tutorial on the internet seemed SO EASY!!!!! What was I thinking??? It looks horrible and I feel like throwing it in the garbage BUT I won't! My plan is to paint it all black and add some gold leaf in it, somehow, sometime!!!!! For now, check out this monstrosity:

   I did get something done, however. I managed to finish up a painting and put up some paintings. So far, this is what it looks like:

  I should really just start with one project at a time and not a thousand!lol! But, I will never learn...

                                                      Thanks for reading, xoxo

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