Monday, 13 May 2013

The green thumb in us!!!!!

    Good morning fellow readers! I trust you all had great weekends! I surely did!!!! My husband finally sold his car so I will be car 'less' until he decides on what car to purchase. I might be car 'less' for a while! But that's OK!

     Allow me to share something with you, if I may! Me and my husband, we suck at gardening! We truly do, I won't sugarcoat it! My husband, of course, disagrees. Last year, we tried tackling on quite a few backyard projects, which all resulted negatively. The money we spent weekly at Rona, down the drain. I have been insisting we call a landscaper to help us out from the time we got the house, finally my husband agreed, this year! Landscaper came by last week, super funny guy, if I may add. He looked around. He paused. Loss for words!!! He graded our gardening skills 2 on 10!!!! Pretty sad!

    So, here are the main issues. We have three gigantic trees. Two apple trees, three stories high! Sidebar, has anyone ever seen apple trees that tall??? We cannot even reach for apples with a ladder, this is how tall these trees are. They are also quite mean! They drop their apples on our heads often!  We also have one very large unknown type tree! This particular tree needs to go. Way to close to our home. So one third is gone so far. Check out my yard. Don't be jealous, LOL!!!

   So this is my backyard status!!! Quite lovely! My yard went from bad to worse! lol! By the way, you are more than welcome to come by for some branch picking! Great for fireplaces!

    All this to tell you that I cannot wait until it is gone!!!! This is what I will be making very soon!!!!

 via pinterest

 West Elm

 Via Pinterest

   Super simple, super easy. You sand, paint (if you wish), and seal! If you are interested in these, let me know because I will surely have about a dozen once the tree is down! And let me add that these stumps go for about 200$ each at Maison Corbeil, West Elm, and Ebay!!!! I know, I' ve looked!!!! For more inspiration, check out my board on Pinterest! The possibilities are endless!!!

                                                     Thanks for stumping by, xoxo

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