Wednesday, 29 May 2013

JOE FRESH part 2

     Morning to all!!!!! Gloomy day but to brighten it up, I think the weather Gods are going to please us with some sunshine soon!!!! I have been obsessing over mason jar DIYs lately so I decided to venture off to Walmart yesterday to purchase a case. Since my husband has been leaving me "carless", I had to walk there, which might I add is not the shortest of walks. So, I fed the baby, put him in the stroller and off I went. I strategized the route that I would take before leaving. You see, I have no sense of direction. I quite often get lost around the area I live in. Do not ask me for directions, I will act like I know what I am saying but in reality I am just pretending. My friend Roula can confirm this. A five minute trip to the hairdresser's ended up taking an hour!!!! Honestly! Anyways, back to my trip to Walmart, I was making it in great time when I decided to take a shortcut, thinking that the street that I would be turning on will lead me straight to it. Needless to say, I got lost and it brought me further away from my destination than ever! So the mason jars will have to wait but I came across a Maxi a.k.a. Joe Fresh, in my books!!! And boy did I find some lovely items. First off, I visited the baby section and found these great items @ 6$ each!

Great price! Next aisle, cosmetics. So here it is!!!

CREAM BLUSH in MELON: I never used a cream blush before, fear of not knowing how to apply and looking like a clown. But @ 8$, I said why not. Verdict? I love it. I applied it with my Mac brush 168 SE. Turns out, I prefer it over powdered blush. It feels great on the skin and stayed for hours!

HIGHLIGHTER in ICE: I am smitten over highlighters. I absolutely love them. And, finding one at under 10$ is difficult. Well, I found an awesome one at 8$. Verdict: must have! I applied it in the inner corners of my eyes, cheek and brow bones! Awesome!!!!

      I might not wear tons of makeup, but I got tons of it!!! Believe me! So, once again, I am impressed by Joe Fresh! Next purchase items on the list  will be a lip tint and loose powder!!!

      Before I go, I would like to share something with you. My husband made me a painting. Hope you like it!!!!

      Finally, my so called office but truly is a storage room is finally getting the black wall that I have always desired. I am also considering painting some trimmings around some windows and considering black stripes in the upstairs hall. Cannot wait until it is done!!!!

                                                                          Thanks for reading, xoxo!!!

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