Monday, 27 May 2013

DIY tipsy pots!

         Hello to all my faithful readers!!!! I dedicate today's post to the sun! It has finally joined us today!!! Thanks Mama Nature! I got a super easy DIY! I saw these on Marilyn Denis the other day and I just knew that I would be DIY'ing them soon after. They are called tipsy pots.


The possibilities are endless. You can really go nuts with them. You can bedazzle them, paint them, gold leaf them (I would never) ,make them in a larger variation, and soooo much more. Great for indoors, outdoors, centerpieces, etc. Super Easy. (Use a larger base pot if placed as table centerpiece). Make sure you purchase pots with holes under them because you will be passing a stick through them.  So here we go...

Materials needed: 

STEP 1: decorate your pots. I painted them black... Allow them to dry, or not... I got paint all over my hands, lol! Impatient me! I will never learn!!!! (if you do not wish to decorate, skip this step)

 STEP 2: plant stick firmly in dirt 

 STEP 3: I believe instructions are not needed!!!lol!!! Self explanatory!!!!
Just slide your pots and place them as you wish!!!
And there you have it!!!!!
Happy Monday to all!!! Thanks for reading, xoxo!

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