Thursday, 9 May 2013

Happy Pinning!!!!!

     Hello Everyone!!!!!! Glad you came by for a read on this gorgeous day!!!!! Thought it would be a gloomy, rainy day, but the sun came out to play!!!!! I am extremely happy today!!!!! My sister-in-law gave birth to two baby girls!!!!! I cannot wait to meet them!!!!!!! But before I do, a trip to the mall is a must!!!!! Every baby girl needs to get spoiled just a little bit!!!!!!
    So did everyone enjoy the music play list as much as I did??? Perfect hits for great weather!!!!!

   Have you been on Pinterest at all? If not, I suggest you jump on it. I have been on it for quite some time and recently started repinning. For those who do not know about Pinterest, well it is basically an online pinboard. You simply look at pics and repin the ones you like! That simple! I use it as a search engine!!!!! You can find the best DIYS, awesome recipes, home decor ideas, and MUCH MUCH more! You will lose yourself once on the site. You will spend hours upon hours on it, without even realising it!!!! I swear!!!! The only problem, that I see, sometimes Pinterest makes you feel stupid!!! The ideas on it are awesome and you will think to yourself, why didn't I think of that???!!!!!!! Made me feel stupid a few times!!!!lol!!! Seriously, why didn't I think of this below???? My pens and markers would just fall all over the place!!!!

EMPTY SHOE BOX = NICE PEN HOLDER. COOL........This is just one of the thousand ideas that you will find on Pinterest!!!!!

Dreaming of a new kitchen, closet, or bedroom? I suggest going on Pinterest instead of purchasing a magazine!!!!

greige: interior design ideas and inspiration for the transitional home : London Simplypale pink, ivory, white and gold....Pink Walls with Ivory Gilded Headboard

You should definitely check out "35 life changing things to try." Who knew that adding a few drops of saline solution will refresh a  dried out mascara!!!! For more tips click on my Pinterest button and it will bring you straight to my Pinterest!!!

                                                                   Happy Pinning, xoxo

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