Monday, 6 May 2013


    Good day wonderful readers!!!!! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I know I did! My son celebrated his first Easter, thus making it a very special one for my husband and I. We spent a wonderful day at my sister-in-law's yesterday. Three things that made me extra happy this weekend, are as follows
 First, the fantastic weather we are having!!!!!
 Second, the picture to the right, was in our local Greek paper. Must thank my photographer for this!!!
And third, picking up after my son and nephew last night, flip flops, bottles and blankies!!!!! Cannot explain the feeling I felt when I saw their flip flops on the ground resting side by side. It was a a beautiful sight!!!

    I encourage you all to think of three things that put a smile on your face, every night, before venturing off to dreamland! This helps bring in positive vibes, hence make you happier!!! I try to do it, when I remember!

   So, my new obsessions are anything designed by Charles and Ray Eames! They are American designers born in the early 1900's. If you do not know them, here are just a few examples of their creations

these are the chairs I am dying to have in my kitchen!!!!!

Via Pinterest...

Let's face it, when your designs make it into a museum, you know they rock! Of course, I cannot afford any of these items! However, many companies are making copies of these chairs. You can probably find them at many furniture stores or you can even find them on Kijiji. So my plan is to sell my chairs one day and purchase these beauties!!!! All in time!!!!

Thanks for reading, xoxo!

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