Thursday, 30 May 2013


     Good afternoon to all!!!!! Did I not tell you the weather Gods would be with us today???? Yes I did!!!!! Woke up with a smile even though my little one was up from three to four thirty a.m. Do not know why!!! Anyhow, today's DIY has got to be the easiest of them all!!!!! And I succeeded, it is foul proof!!!! Really easy, inexpensive, and quick!!!!! Promise! I had some leftover vinyl sitting around collecting dust for over a year and it just came to me!

 Why not make place mats out of them! As you know, place mats can be expensive at times, but not these ones! I purchased 2 meters of vinyl (15$) to protect my glass table in the kitchen and had about half a meter left over. So here it is!!!!


 STEP 1: Choose a shape and trace on the back of the vinyl.
 STEP 2: Cut!
 STEP 3: (Optional) Add studs
                                                                                        AND YOU ARE DONE!!!!!

      Now you can do this with any type of material but note that in some you will have to add an anti slip pad like this...

    Now that is easy!!!! Please note that the fabrics I used had some type of sheen, therefore can be wiped clean easily!

                                                                             That is all for today!!! Happy crafting, xoxo!

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