Tuesday, 7 May 2013


     Good evening readers! Another fantastic day in the neighbourhood to say the least! Boy do I have a treat for you all!!!! A while back, my friend Fay posted her top ten music playlist on Instagram. You see, my friend, has a special gift! She is quite the DJ! From the time that we met, I believe she has created about a few hundred CD compilations! All, with great original titles, if I may add! Every month or so, she would grace me with one of her Cd's, and I was always very grateful for this. So, tonight, I will share with you her  Top 10 hit list!!!! 

10.  Walking on air- Anise K
 9.   Feel again- One Republic
 8.   I need your love-  Calvin Harris
 7.   Ride- Lana Del Rey
 6.   Love- lil Wayne
 5.   Beautiful lie- Keemo
 4.   Moonshine remix- Bruno Mars
 3.   Next to me- Emily Sande
 2.  This is what it feels like- Armin
 1.  Thelo na me Niosis- Vertis (Greek song)

Of course I asked for her permission, before doing this (do not want any copyright issues, lol). She said I can blogcast away!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy the tracks! I know I did! On another note, everyone should hit an Old Navy and pick up this shirt right here!!!!


Now, why purchase this particular piece? Simple:

Not only is it $0.97, but Old Navy was also offering 20% off !!!!! Seriously!!!!! A shirt for under 80 cents, unheard of , I tell you!!! So, I purchased two, one for myself, and one for my husband. As soon as I got home, I began working on it!!! Took about 5 minutes!!!

You can purchase these off EBay, super cheap!!!!

   The only problem, I got a little excited and took my husband's shirt instead of mine!  When I showed him my creation, he asked me why I used his. I told him I didn't! He then found the other shirt in the wash to prove it to me!!!!Oupsies!!!!!! Looking at the sizes did not cross my mind!!!  I told my husband he can sport the one I worked on, he had no response to my offer! Lol! Now I have a second shirt to work on!!!!

                                                         Thanks for reading, XOXO!


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