Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Surround Yourself Pretty, paintings, and good old dollar store!!!!

OHHHHHHH blog how I've missed you so!!!! Good evening to all!!!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the upside down weather that we have been having! At least the sun came out a tad today! Guess he got tired from his hiding spot! Anyways, I am delighted to show you all these wonderful beauties!!!!

I feel so special!!! We got business cards!!! I've never had business cards before so this is quite exciting for me!!!! Surround Yourself Pretty also hosted its first party! Success!!!!!

Here is a glimpse!

Good old Mason Jars!!!!! My new favorite thing!!!! And when I get sick of them, it is DIY time!!!! And a big thank you to my very good friend Georgia for allowing us to host at her place!

Now, let us move on to One of my favorite stores! The dollar store of course!!! Were else can u get these...

That bar that holds my magazines from the 1$$$$ store! I spray painted it with black chalkboard spray paint!!! I suggest you all go out and purchase a can of chalkboard spray paint. Transform almost anything into a chalkboard! Genious I tell you, genious! Do not think hubby would of approved of the pink color that it once was. And those frames, also from the dollar store! I cannot wait to put up my new posters! Problem is deciding where they look best! And, here is my latest collection... I call it the Amour Collection!

I am having a blast experimenting with letters and neon paints!!! And, stay tuned next week! My collage will be revealed!!!!

That is all readers!!!! Thanks for dropping by, XOXO!

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