Thursday, 11 July 2013

Love them animals! New @ SYP and collage reveal!

Hello to all out there!!!! So nice to be back here once again!!!! Hope you are all having a swell week!!! The sun is shining and I feel your happiness fellow readers!!!!! It is time we get a summer up in here!!! I am happy to announce that I have adopted a pet horse!!! His name is Buttercup and I simply love him! He is super sweet and does not bite! Here he is

Charlie was getting lonely and needed a friend so I had no choice but to purchase him at Homesense! I knew my husband would not approve of him so I put him up on our anniversary! He wouldn't of had the heart to say: "What the...????" My genius plan worked! He just stared at Buttercup and sighed... Animals in a home are indispensable! They give character. Here are some that I have in my home




And, speaking of animals, freshly new at S.Y.P are these stunning clutches! I absolutely adore! They arrived just in time for tomorrow's launch party!

And lastly as promised, I can finally reveal a collage that I was working on for a client for quite some time! I delivered it last week and boy was I nervous! This collage was custom made. From first date location to favorite sports teams. I also did some Instagram stalking to get some more ideas on what to paste on the collage. I was worried about the sports teams but I am happy with the outcome!!!! Who would of thought...

Have a great evening and happy Friday to all tomorrow!!!!! XOXO!

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