Wednesday, 5 June 2013


     Morning to all!!!!! I just love sunny days!!!!! They make want to dress up all colourful as seen in my latest Lookbook look! Today's post is all about a pair of plastic flip flops. I guess I need to blow off some steam. Good old blog, always there for me when I need it most!!!!  A few years back, I believe 3 or 4 years ago, me and my husband, fiance at the time, or maybe boyfriend ( crappy memory) ventured off to Las Vegas, Nevada. On a side note, if you have not been, I truly recommend!!!!! Anyhow, once there, we visited a few hotels. Now in every hotel, you will find a few designer boutiques. Now, when I walk in a designer boutique, my heart races. I get consumed by all the beautiful merchandise and imagine myself owning every single piece in there! So, I told my fiance or boyfriend at the time, that I wish to only make one purchase, one BIG purchase to be exact! Now, he knew that my dream purse, at the time, was no other then Louis Vuitton's Speedy Handbag.

So this is the dialogue that we had:
C: Bobby, instead of purchasing a few goods, I would like to only make one good purchase. Only one, that is all!
B: Oh no, I know what this means!!!! You want that Speedy purse!!! It is too expensive, I know I have been looking into it!!!!
C: Yes but consider it our anniversary gift as well!
B: NO! Do not ask me again!!! I always give in in the end! OK, we will see, maybe!!!!

(my plan worked!!!!)

    So the next morning,  we walked into the Fendi Boutique at Caesar's Palace, I believe. And, I saw a pair of plastic flip flops! I fell in love!!!! I decided that I wanted these flip flops to be the one and only Vegas purchase! My husband could not be happier!!!!! Way cheaper than the handbag. He was so happy with my decision, he asked me if I wanted to buy a pair of sunglasses as well!!!! I did not! I was happy with my plastic Fendi flip flops! By the way, these flip flops cost 177$. Completely unjustifiable!!!! I love my designer goods!!!! What can I say!!!! But, considering that I have worn outfits from the Dollar store, it balances out! Anyways, I wore my flip flops throughout my entire trip!!!! I felt sorry for my feet because they were completely uncomfortable!!!!! But, I wore them anyway!!!!! They made me feel great!!!!

   I decided to wear them on my first day back to work! An hour into work, a strap snapped off!!!!!! Boy was I upset!  Got them repaired for 10$. A year later, summer came along and I wore them again!!! SNAP!!!! Another strap snapped off!!!!! 10$ once again to repair. So far, the flip flops have cost me 197$. And guess what, I wore them this weekend and another strap snapped off!!!! That will be another 10$. So we will be at 207$ in a week or so!!!! I am paying a maintenance fee every year!!!!! Damn you Fendi flip flops!!!! You once brought me happiness!!!!! Now, you bring me anger!!!!!!!

    That is my story, I hope you enjoyed it!!!! So, here is my new handbag collection! I hope you love them as much as I do!!!! Made by ME!!!!!




                                                                              Thanks for reading, XOXO!

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